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Advice and Ideas for Organising Events

These pages contain information and guidance on organising a Refugee Week event as well as examples of previous events. You can also find promotional materials such as posters and T-Shirts as well as advice on evaluating your event.

Ideas for Events
This page contains selected examples of Refugee Week events, and approaches to holding events, that have taken place.
Ideas for Teachers and Youth Workers
Schools and youth groups can take part in Refugee Week in many different ways.
Ideas for Young People
Refugee Week is an ideal time for you, your school or youth group to get involved in celebrations, campaigning or awareness-raising of refugee issues, and to have fun in the process!
Get media coverage for your event
Make sure you utilise local media as much as possible as this is a great source of publicity for your events, and in raising the profile of Refugee Week.
Evaluate your event
This page contains various evaluation forms which can be used to gain valuable feedback about your event
Info & Resources Centre
Resources for your event, including facts about refugees, the Refugee Week toolkit and educational resources