Durham for Refugees Sponsored Walk: Aleppo to Athens


Every day, thousands of Syrians attempt to flee their war-torn country and many travel thousands of miles, risking their lives at sea, in order to reach safety.

The distance from Aleppo to Athens, a route many refugees take and have taken, is approximately 1200km. We will be walking just 15km around Durham (route tbc...) & with over 80 of us participating, we hope to cover the 1200km distance collectively.

We would love as many people to join in with this event, so if you are interested, please sign up either individually or in groups of up to 8 people by contacting us at durham.for-refugees@durham.ac.uk
All partakers are expected to raise at least £15 in sponsorship for the event. All donations will go to Help Refugees (http://www.helprefugees.org.uk/), who work to provide emergency aid and basic amenities to those affected by the refugee crisis.

As well as raising a decent amount of money, we hope that on the 10th of June we will be able to make a point to the wider public - that Durham Students care about refugees. We hope to get this statement across throughout the day (news, social media, people in the streets).
The more people, the bigger and better the campaign will be.

Date 10/06/2017
Time 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue Palace Green
Palace Green, Owengate

Durham for Refugees
Category Campaigning or awareness-raising
Price Free!