Manifestations with Karmand Tahsin, Kalindi & Annie Mays

Manifestations will be a live art installation running across Refugee Weekfeaturing 3 artists from three different cultures. Their work across the week will reflect their cultural heritage and provide insight into how their heritage and identity has been shaped through life in the UK.

Annie Anthony-Mays
Born in Singapore, but parents were from Kerala, South India. Inspired by her father who was a sculptor, painter and architect. She studied art in Singapore at Stamford College but learned a lot from her own father. Migrated to Sheffield in 1983 and
married to a British citizen. Her style of painting can be very explosive but at the same time can be very detailed. She use Asian and European influences in her paintings and they tend to be colourful and electrifying combined with movement and energy. She is a marathon runner and hence have a lot of energy, a lot of movement which is depicted in her paintings. She also like figurative styles and incorporate them in her paintings. She use acrylic, poster, emulsion and water colours, also involved in mixed media, installation and sculpture.

Karmand Tahsin
Born in Iraq and studied Art in Iraq University but had to flee because of war. Came to UK in 2016. Attends various conversation clubs and still styudying English in Sheffield
but ART is his main interests. Had major art exhibitions in Iraq and participated extensively with various artists but escaped to UK via Calais with nothing. Karmand’s style of painting is electrifying, very energetic, colourful, and uses any
material he can get his hands on for free. He uses wool, clothing, recycled materials and has a fantastic imagination and portray outstanding works. He loves large paintings, the
bigger the better for him and very articulate with various styles of methodology in his paintings. He uses oil, acrylic, resin and any material that people provide him for free.

Born in Kisumu, Kenya but had to flee because of Idi Amin. Family then fled to UK in 1960’s. She was 6 months old when she came to UK. Kalindi then came to live in York but her partner Pual lives in Sheffield. Kalindi is a disabled artist, had a brain haemorrage when she was at University, then had a bicycle accident 5 years ago. Kalindi’s art consists of using combined mixed media in a paintly fashion using various mediums, also re-cyclable materials. She likes weaving splashes of colour onto a canvas and the fluidity of bold and transparent colours emerge from the slap-dash technique. She says the way she works has changed according to how her body can be adapted to the pieces she work on. She feels that her portrayal of her personal identity from her influences, because her father was African and her mother was from Uganda, she has
East and West influences which naturally frames her art.

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Date 20/06/2018 - 23/06/2018
Time 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue Theatre Deli Sheffield
202 Eyre Street
S1 4QZ

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