‘When The Nest Falls’ – Wokshop by Esna Su at Sarabande Foundation


Su grew up close to the Syrian border in Turkey. Her practice has been greatly informed by these origins and also by techniques handed down through generations of her family.

In 2017, as part of Refugee Week at Sarabande, Su exhibited ‘The Rubble Talks Too’; a performance aimed at representing the journey of refugees using a series of transformational and wearable sculptures that explored the struggle of displacement. This marked the beginning of Su’s, ‘The Refugee I’ collection, of which ‘When The Nest Falls’ is an extension of.

Please note that this workshop is open to women and women with children only.

Jewellery and contemporary artist Esna Su is inviting 65 women and women with children, representative of the number of Syrian cities, to a unique workshop. Collectively, they will embroider 3,700 Swarovski crystals, this is the distance in km from London to Aleppo, forming one of the 6 Arabic letters of السلام (Al-Salam), The Peace. Like a shrapnel or seeds for hope, sharp yet luminous, the crystals inhabit the hand-woven carpet, which itself appears wounded. Su aims to facilitate and celebrate the collaborative process of creation, mending and reflection.

The Hospital Club 100 award-winning artist will present the completed carpet in an installation, 'Pieces of the PEACE' and as part of her performance, ‘When The Nest Falls’ during London Refugee Week. Here, images of destruction, war and exodus will be projected onto a splintered carpet, made from paper rush and woven with muslin and gauze, bridging the gaps and asperities of its surface.

It’s been over 7 years since the war in Syria started. Despite hope for the war to come to an end, it continues to expand, destroying the homes and lives of those in small villages and cities until they are completely unrecognisable from their former state. In turn, hopes of building new lives have been crushed, resulting in a surplus of refugees seeking asylum.

The workshop will take place at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation where Su had a two-year residency.

Book your tickets now - only 65 spaces available! Attendees can come and go throughout the day as they please.

Please note that this event is being filmed and photographed for internal and commercial purposes, by attending this event you are accepting these terms.

Date 16/06/2018
Time 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation
22 Hertford Road
N1 5SH
County (optional)
Sarabande Foundation
Sarabande Foundation
Category Visual Arts
Price Free