Refugee Week 2017: Schools Resources

Holding a Refugee Week event in your school or college? There is a wealth of resources out there to help young people at all key stages explore refugee issues in creative ways. Below are our top picks for 2017.

If you’ve got a new resource you’d like us to add, get in touch. For further resources, visit our Educational Resources section, and for even more inspiration, have a look at what schools got up to during last year’s Refugee Week in this Storify post.



Classroom Activities: Refugee Week 2017 – Our Shared Future, British Red Cross

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(c) info

Refugee Week 2017 is a celebration of our shared future, focusing on how collaboration between people from different backgrounds strengthens British communities.

These five 30-minute activities, suitable for ages 11-16, are designed to help learners see refugees as “someone like me”, at the same time as recognising and accepting our differences. The resource enables young people to explore universal human values and mutual respect and understanding, building empathy towards refugees and asylum seekers. It also looks at how refugees have contributed to the communities they live in, encouraging young people to take positive action to create a shared future.

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Song: Everyday People, Music Action International and British Red Cross 

Written especially for Refugee Week 2017 by young musicians with experience of displacement, this song is an opportunity for older children to learn some words in different languages, as well learning about refugee experiences through its accompanying resource. Coming soon.





Song: One World To Share, Grumpy Sheep music

Especially written for Refugee Week by Grumpy Sheep, primary school pupils will love this thoughtful yet upbeat song. Click here to download the backing track.




Musical: As Free as a Bird, Grumpy Sheep music


GrumpySheep-As Free As A Bird Cover-R4-SkyBlue

A friendly little rabbit family are forced to flee their much-loved home when it becomes too dangerous to live there any more. This exciting musical for primary schools is especially written to raise awareness amongst children about people seeking sanctuary.

Click here for more details or to purchase the book and CD