#OurSharedFuture: Refugee Week 2017 Media & Social Media

Refugee Week is about making a big, collective noise in solidarity with refugees and celebration of what they bring to the UK. This page contains tips and information about how we can use the media and social media to make our message heard for 2017.



Getting the attention of journalists can be a great way to promote your Refugee Week event and give a platform to refugee voices and talents. If you’re thinking about contacting your local media about Refugee Week in your community, take a look at the resources below.

1. Slideshow with media tips and key messages for Refugee Week 2017:

For more detailed information, click here for the notes on this slideshow

2. Press release template and tips for writing a press release

Send us your stories 

We’re looking for stories of couples, families, children and others who have experienced displacement, as well as volunteers who work with them, to share through the media this Refugee Week.

Click here for the full case study brief, including details of who to contact.



Join us in filling the Twittosphere (and Face-osphere… Instagrammosphere?) with stories and messages celebrating #OurSharedFuture this Refugee Week:

1. Click here to let us know what Our Shared Future means to you

We’ll turn your responses into eye-catching graphics which we’ll share online during the Week

2. Have a look at the slideshow below for social media tips, and more ways to get involved



…more social media content coming soon!

Queries or suggestions? Contact Emily on emily@counterpointsarts.org.uk