Girl in shades jumps to music at Refugee Week 2017 at British Museum

In June 2018, Refugee Week will reach an important milestone: 20 years of celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees.

This 20 year anniversary will be the theme of Refugee Week 2018 (18-24 June), and we’ll be inviting you to take part with a choice of 20 ways to stand with refugees and make new and stronger community connections – one for each year of Refugee Week.

The launch of these ’20 ways to celebrate’ will begin at the Refugee Week Conference on 12 February 2018 (if you’re making plans before this, you could use the number 20 as a starting point – 20 objects, 20 minutes, hopes for the next 20 years? – or drop us a line).

We want Refugee Week’s 20th anniversary to be our best and biggest celebration yet – hope you can join us!

Photo (c) Marcia Chandra