Educational Videos

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Ruth’s story: One child refugee’s journey from Eritrea to England

“Ruth was 14 when she left her home country of Eritrea in east Africa.” 4-minute animation from BBC Newsround/Fettle Animation.


A short (four minute) film made by young people from Young Roots about how refugees have made a difference in their lives



A seven-minute animated film, with teacher notes, tackling themes such as cultural differences and exile in a child-friendly way. Designed for children aged 5 – 8.

Free, but £5.00 p+p. Distributed by UNHCR

A Life On Hold

An Amnesty International film about Omar who at 13 years old was forced to flee his home in Somalia.

Suitable for students 12+

Rain is Beautiful

An Amnesty International film continuing Omar’s story and his resettlement in Sweden where he receives aid for wounds sustained under war and torture.

Suitable for students 12+

Rain is Beautiful from marc silver on Vimeo.

I am just like you

I am just like you from Kazzum on Vimeo.

Made for Refugee Week 2016 and dedicated to the many children and young people fleeing their homes in search of safety.  Ideal for secondary schools.

Stories of child refugees

Published by The Refugee Council

Three short animations featuring child refugees sharing their stories in their own words:

Short films about refugees recommended by human rights educators

Seven films on the reality of life as a refugee recommended by Amnesty Internationals human rights education network.