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© Marie-Anne Ventoura/Amnesty UK

© Marie-Anne Ventoura/Amnesty UK

Amnesty International UK Speakers are available to run free refugee rights workshops, lessons, assemblies and can contribute to whole day events in your primary or secondary school. Amnesty Speakers are trained volunteers who bring experience, knowledge and energy to educating students about the rights of refugees and who are able to facilitate students taking action for refugee rights as part of Amnesty International’s I Welcome campaign. Our Speakers will work with you to cater the visit to the needs of your students.

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As Amnesty Speakers are volunteers Amnesty International UK asks that you cover travel expenses where possible.


Nola Ellen


Nola Ellen is an educator, practitioner and consultant available to deliver refugee awareness workshops in primary, secondary, sixth form and university settings UK-wide. The workshops feature real life stories alongside a range of bespoke educational activities to build critical thinking and compassion among her audience. Workshop content is developed in consultation with you, in accordance to the demographics of your school, the year group and to dovetail with existing schemes of work.

Nola is a proud ambassador of Schools of Sanctuary and can advise schools on this award.

Nola also offers a range of tailored programmes, consultancy services and training for teachers and other professionals along the themes of child refugee inclusion and cultural diversity.

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