Downloadable Posters

Promote Refugee Week and your event using this selection of downloadable posters.

Each poster is designed to be printed onto A4 paper. To save the posters to your computer right-click on links below and select ‘Save target as’.

If you would like to order our free printed posters, please click here. Please note that the downloadable posters are different to the ones we distribute for free.

Posters with Space for Event Details

Add the details of your event to these posters!

Space for Event Details 1

Space for Event Details 2

Space for Event Details 3

Space for Event Details 3 (Black & White)

Posters with Refugee Week Designs


Dancers (on Grey)

Dancers (on White)

Different Pasts



Joining (Black & White)



Standing 1

Standing 2

Welcome 1

Welcome 2

Welcome 3

Welcome 4