Simple Acts



20 Simple Acts: Your invitation to Refugee Week’s 20th birthday party

Think about the last time you went to a really great party. One that put a smile on your face that lasted all the way home.

What was it that made it so special? Was it the food you shared, the music you listened to together, a conversation with someone you hadn’t met before?

The best parties take us out of our everyday lives to a place where we can have fresh experiences and connect in new ways. They break down barriers and bring us a little closer together.

On 18-24 June 2018, Refugee Week is marking its 20th birthday, and to celebrate we are holding a very special party that we hope will do just that.

It’s a birthday party that will happen everywhere, from theatres and museums to schools, parks and living rooms. And everyone’s invited.

To take part, we’re inviting you to do one (or more!) of 20 Simple Acts – one for each year of Refugee Week.

Simple Acts are simple things everyone can do to show support for refugees, find out more about refugee experiences and make new connections in their communities.

By taking part, you’ll be joining tens of thousands of people right across the country who celebrate Refugee Week each year.

So while these Simple Acts may seem small – reading a book, sharing a message or baking a cake – we believe that together they will bring us a little closer to the kind of generous, welcoming, connected world we all want to live in.

Just like a great birthday party should.


How do I take part?

Anyone can take part in Simple Acts.

You could do a Simple Act at your school, workplace, place of worship, arts organisation, with a community group, friends, neighbours or by yourself.

Join the Simple Acts movement in three simple steps:




20 Simple Acts

Click on each act for more information:

1. Share a 20 second message of welcome

2. Write a 20 word poem

3. Share one of 20 refugee stories

4. Sing a song

5. Find 20 objects that tell a refugee story

6. Play with 20

7. Send a card

8. Bake a cake

9. Read a book about exile

10. Watch a film

11. Invite someone new

12. Share your refugees welcome banner

13. Make a gift

14. Get together

15. Spread the word

16. Define the word ‘refuge’

17. Learn a few words in another language

18. Have a kickabout

19. Find five facts about refugees

20. Look to the future


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