Go back far enough and we all have a story of migration or displacement somewhere in our family line. The legacies of people crossing borders are everywhere – in the food we eat, the cars we drive, the music we dance to. They are part of who we are.

This Simple Act is a way for us to rediscover that part of our shared human history, and learn more about ourselves.

Find 20 objects that have been shaped or created by refugee experiences. They could be big or small, old or new, physical objects or things you have seen or read about. You might find them at a museum, at a library or online.

When curator Brendan Cormier did a Twitter tour of Victoria and Albert Museum for Refugee Week 2017, his finds included brooches, ceramics, paintings and gilded golden chests:



Once you’ve found your 20 objects, you probably have a story to tell. Maybe you found out something that surprised or moved you, or that you’d like other people to know.

You might like to put the objects on display, or share your findings or reflections in a blog post or on social media using the hashtag #SimpleActs (or email us).

Good luck on your voyage – let us know what you find!

There are 20 Simple Acts to celebrate 20 years of Refugee Week. For more information and the full list, visit the Simple Acts page.