About organisation

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre welcomes all refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to help them rebuild their lives and achieve their full potential.

From humble beginnings set up in the back of a laundrette, we have grown exponentially during the past two decades and now support over 3,500 people a year, including unaccompanied children, destitute families and the homeless.

Thanks to the kindness and dedication of over 80 volunteers and 30 members of staff, we provide a range of frontline and partner services to address the challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

These support our clients with their integration into the city’s local communities, while also encouraging them to contribute fully to the life of Coventry; all within a safe and dignified environment.

Contact details

Website: http://www.covrefugee.org

Email: info@covrefugee.org