About organisation

started in September 2015 as a group of disparate but concerned individuals living in south Powys, mid Wales and coming from many walks of life, who shared the same concern about the adverse media portrayal of people seeking refuge or asylum and all wanting to do something positive to show that we cared and were determined to welcome displaced people. We now have over 250 Supporters on Email and over 200 followers on Facebook and Twitter.
We knew that there were very few people seeking refuge in our area and thus we sought to join the broad social movement that is City of Sanctuary and linked up with existing refugee support groups in our neighbouring cities.activites to date
we have
* lobbied all our elected representatives on many refugee issues and hope soon to have some Syrian families resettled in our county.
*have collected substantial amounts of clothing and household goods which have been distributed in Swansea and Cardiff.
*contributed to collections going to Calais and supporters have volunteered there.
*We have made donations of money to a number of Refugee support groups [ including Share Tawe, Swansea bay asylum seekers support group, Unity in Diversity and Oasis Cardiff] to enable them to continue their essential help to people seeking refuge.
*Some of our members volunteer in support groups and help with English, Art and Crafts.
*We recently cooperated with Hay Literary festival] to raise funds and awareness, to host three refugee volunteer stewards and to run a refugee themed activity day for children. In conjunction with Wales PEN Cymru we helped to arrange a day out for refugee writers based in south Wales so they could meet local writers for mentorship and support.
*Respite days Our main activity has been providing Respite day outings for groups of up to 60 people seeking refuge or asylum to visit towns and villages in our area so we can share our beautiful countryside with them. Most of these people are from Swansea and groups of our supporters have worked together to host these days in their locality and provide food, activities and takeaway goods. We have an approximately monthly programme and the feedback from both refugees and Swansea based volunteers who have accompanied them has been excellent.

Contact details

Website: http://hbtsr.org.uk

Email: hbts4refugees@gmail.com