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Counterpoints Arts

Project Paddington was developed by a group of Sheffield mums as a way for children to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis amongst refugees and displaced people.

Project Paddington began by sending teddy bears to refugee children with notes of welcome and support, showing that we care. Children sponsored their teddy bears and the money raised was used to transport the bears and help refugees on the ground. Project Paddington has now sent all 25,000 teddy bears to refugee children in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. The Teddy Project raised over £40,000 for refugee projects such as Tearfund’s Refugee Crisis Fund and Samara’s Aid Appeal. We cannot say thank you enough to all the schools, groups, churches, and businesses that made this possible. You are all brilliant!

Our ‘What Would You Take’ Day took place on Friday 29th January 2016. This fundraising and awareness raising day asked children and young people to think of the one thing they would take from home if they had to leave in a hurry because it was not safe, just like a refugee. Huge thanks to everyone who signed up and downloaded our pack. Children throughout the UK created artworks, writings, recipes and more. They compared their choices to those of real refugees, and learned more about what it means to leave everything behind because there is no other choice. Huge thanks to everyone that ran this project. Over £2,500 has already been given to Samara’s Aid Appeal and is changing the lives of refugee children and their families in Syria and Iraq

Our new project – From Scared To Safe – is a creative writing and art competition open to 3-18 year olds. We are asking children and young people to create a piece of work on the theme of ‘From Scared To Safe’. We are then going to display the best of these works in an exhibition in Sheffield during Refugee Week (20-24 June). The money raised from this project will go towards a new hospital in Syria. For more information please visit our website.