We want to mark the fantastic work that Future Creatives CIC has done for Refugee Week and wish them all the best as they pass on the baton.

Future Creative CIC has held the role of Refugee Week Co-ordinator for the SE region since 2009 with Julie Larner and Jason Hodges as the main points of contact for individuals and organisations carrying out activities in the area from as far away as the Isle of Wight, to our home turf on the Dover coast.

Julie brought the role of RW Co-ordinator with her to Future Creative from her previous role at Music for Change and began to build on the growing pool of regional contacts. Later in 2011 Future Creative was asked to co-ordinate the Platforma hub for the region: “We soon found that the two roles went hand in hand” shared Julie; “Through Platforma and Refugee Week we built a vibrant hub of activity in the Sussex area centred in Brighton with the development there culminating in a successful RW show in 2013 at the Brighton Dome in partnership with Bandbazi”.

In 2013, as Future Creative’s role delivering a major youth and community programme in the East of England grew we have made the difficult decision to hand on the Refugee Week baton to another hub that will be able to give it the time that it deserves.

Throughout our 4 years of delivery, we cannot forget the work of Douglas Noble who has supported Future Creative as a freelance consultant, bringing to the team his extensive knowledge of working for many years in the arts and refugee sectors. Thank you Doug!

And Refugee Week UK would like to thank Future Creatives, Julie, Jason, Doug as well as Bandbazi (thank you Hannah!) for their ongoing support.

If you are interested in stepping in to the role of regional co-ordinator for the South & South East please contact Jess, on emily@counterpointsarts.org.uk ; 07988164549. Full details of this voluntary role can be found here.