Moving Worlds

Moving Worlds Screen a film from this special selection of migration-themed features and shorts. Films are available at reduced rates for Refugee Week, and come with resources for post-screening activities

A special selection of migration-related features and shorts, available to watch at home for Refugee Week. Includes resources for post-screening activities for audiences of all ages. Moving Worlds is curated by Counterpoints Arts:

Refugee Week on BFI Player

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collection of films for home viewing compiled by BFI and Counterpoints Arts that explore refugee experiences in the past and present and across different parts of the world.

Films for Children and Young People

Visit our Educational Videos page for short films about refugees aimed at children and young people

Online Shorts: Introducing the Issues

North Star Fading is a ‘zoom comic’ by PositiveNegatives inspired by the true testimonies of four Eritrean refugees who fled their homes to make the dangerous journey across Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya to Europe. The art is by Karrie Fransman and the words by Lula Mebrahtu. 


Dear Habib is a short animation sharing the true story of a young, unaccompanied child migrant called Habib. Co-produced by Habib himself, along with Majid Adin and PositiveNegatives. The animation brings to life the incredible challenges, and opportunities, that young unaccompanied child migrants face.


When You Don’t Exist is Amnesty International’s campaign for the human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and at its borders.


Studies suggest it takes four minutes of direct eye contact for strangers to fall in love. So Amnesty International decided to conduct a simple experiment: refugees and Europeans sat across from each other and looked each other in the eyes. Watch and see what happens next.


A short documentary from Amnesty International, made by Tomo Brody, in the refugee camp in Calais featuring a sample of 65 different testimonies from men, women and children from seven different countries.


A young girl’s life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video from Save the Children.

The Journey

A short documentary by Hogar Salim and Lucy Hurst profiling three young male asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK who have journeyed across the world, escaping war and persecution. Winner of the University of Wolverhampton 2017 Film Of The Year award.

Simple Acts