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Ambassadors 2020

Our Refugee Week Ambassadors

This year we had an amazing group of Refugee Week Ambassadors who are passionate about working to change attitudes and perceptions around refugees by sharing their stories and talking to the media. You can read some of their blog posts on the Huffington Post here.

All our Ambassadors are from refugee, asylum seeking or migrant backgrounds. If you are interested in being an Ambassador for 2020 then please get in touch with us.


You, Me and Those Who Came Before: Legacy and Beyond.

Guest Post: Sabrina Richmond is a performer and writer and in her role as a Refugee Week Leader, she is the Globe’s Artist in Residence during Refugee Week. In this blog Sabrina talks about what home means to her […]




Singing out lives



Guest post: Singing our lives is is a ground-breaking creative process bringing together singers and musicians form refugee, migrant and local UK backgrounds to compose and perform new music together. Read more about their work and upcoming performance for Refugee Week at the Southbank Centre on 23rd June […]


Guest post: Inclusion begins in our communities: read more about how IOM UK are marking Refugee Week with an event at Bristol City Hall on 19th June, 5.30-7pm […]

 Sink wihtout trace

Guest post: The T06411 is a North African migrant boat named after the official code given by Italian customs when it was seized close to Lampedusa in 2012, with 36 migrants on board. The boat is moored in London this Refugee Week as part of a ‘floating installation’ by artist Lucy Wood.  Read more about her incredible journey and creative process here[…] 




Refugee Week partner up with language providers Rosetta Stone who will donate language courses to over 1000 refugees this Refugee Week. Read more about this exciting initiative here.


Guest post: Over the last two years St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School, Swansea has been working on themes involving, migration, belonging and looking at the challenges and difficulties faced by Asylum seekers and Refugees. Here they tell us about their collaboration with Swansea City of Sanctuary and why they are being awarded a ‘Schools of Sanctuary Status’ for their work […]

Guest post: Refugee Week Ambassador Fatima Esayli is a young Sudanese woman, now pursuing her dreams to become an architect after arriving in the UK as a refugee at the age of 22. She talks here about how she has been able to discover herself and find a home outside of the place she was born […]

Guest post: Polly Gifford, member of the Hastings Supports Refugees group and organiser of Festival by the Lake, tells us more about their programme for this Refugee Week and how the festival has more than doubled in size since it began in 2016 […]



Guest post: Nosy Crow children’s author Karen McCombie tells us about Scotland’s forgotten history of the Highland Clearances, when thousands of Highlanders were displaced from their homes during the 18th and 19th centuries […]

pam 1

Guest post: Meet Pam, an activist in exile and one of our new 2019 Refugee Week Ambassadors

As an activist for political freedom in her native Thailand, Pam was an outspoken student critic of the junta regime. Because of this she was mistreated, jailed and persecuted. Pam is now an activist in exile and has been living in the UK with refugee status since 2016. She works with Refugee Week partner STAR (Student Action for Refugees) as their Communication and Campaign Volunteer Officer, working to improve how we welcome students from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds here in Britain. She has written a blog for us about her work, and how volunteering in the Refugee Sector transformed her life as a refugee in the UK […]


Seeking Refuge Educational Animations Launched by Mosaic Films
July 26th, 2012
Mosaic films

The five films, which look at the experiences of five young people who had fled their home countries and sought asylum in the UK, are a great educational tool so we wanted to share them with you! Find them on BBC2’s Learning Zone and read more here. The five films, which look at the experiences […]

Casablanca at the Victoria and Albert Museum London
June 26th, 2012

As fans of the composer Max Steiner we were excited to hear that on June 22nd, during an evening of events to promote Refugee Week, the V&A will host a free screening of the Hollywood classic Casablanca, for which Steiner wrote the soundtrack. We asked journalist Nick Shave to tell us how Steiner’s score develops […]

Dreams of Home
June 21st, 2012

Proof that he grew up on a farm, Yashar Ismailoglu’s first memory is of being kicked by a cow. His second memory is of waking from a dream to discover a snake descending on him from a branch overhead. The snake landed on his shoulder and dragged its cold scales down the length of his […]

The Success of Refugee Week Scotland and their Opening Concert
June 13th, 2012

Refugee Week Scotland and Fife’s Fence records held a “special label” showcase to mark the opening of Refugee Week Scotland 2012. The launch at the Refugee Week Scotland festival hub took place on Monday 18th June and was deemed a fantastic success. This year it was not only supported by the Scottish Government but also […]

Muamba: Symbol of refugee struggle and success
May 9th, 2012

The plight of footballer Fabrice Muamba, who suffered a cardiac arrest while on the pitch on Sunday, has brought his dramatic life story into public view, says Sunder Katwala,Director of British Future. The article was published on the British Future website on 22 March 2012 “Joy as Muamba says first word” reads the Daily Star […]

InterACT: Bringing Communities Together Through Social Action
May 2nd, 2012

In the run up to Refugee Week, Leila, Project Coordinator of InterACT at the Citizenship Foundation, talks about the ways in which the project successfully brings communities together. InterACT brings together 16-25 year old asylum seekers and refugees with local young people to tackle issues they care about. The project enhances community spirit by building […]