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Refugee Week partner up with language providers Rosetta Stone who will donate language courses to over 1000 refugees this Refugee Week. Read more about this exciting initiative here.


Guest post: Over the last two years St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School, Swansea has been working on themes involving, migration, belonging and looking at the challenges and difficulties faced by Asylum seekers and Refugees. Here they tell us about their collaboration with Swansea City of Sanctuary and why they are being awarded a ‘Schools of Sanctuary Status’ for their work […]

Guest post: Refugee Week Ambassador Fatima Esayli is a young Sudanese woman, now pursuing her dreams to become an architect after arriving in the UK as a refugee at the age of 22. She talks here about how she has been able to discover herself and find a home outside of the place she was born […]

Guest post: Polly Gifford, member of the Hastings Supports Refugees group and organiser of Festival by the Lake, tells us more about their programme for this Refugee Week and how the festival has more than doubled in size since it began in 2016 […]



Guest post: Nosy Crow children’s author Karen McCombie tells us about Scotland’s forgotten history of the Highland Clearances, when thousands of Highlanders were displaced from their homes during the 18th and 19th centuries […]

pam 1

Guest post: Meet Pam, an activist in exile and one of our new 2019 Refugee Week Ambassadors

As an activist for political freedom in her native Thailand, Pam was an outspoken student critic of the junta regime. Because of this she was mistreated, jailed and persecuted. Pam is now an activist in exile and has been living in the UK with refugee status since 2016. She works with Refugee Week partner STAR (Student Action for Refugees) as their Communication and Campaign Volunteer Officer, working to improve how we welcome students from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds here in Britain. She has written a blog for us about her work, and how volunteering in the Refugee Sector transformed her life as a refugee in the UK […]


20 years of asylum policy
July 13th, 2018

Guest post by Katie McSherry, Campaign Project Manager North East for Asylum Matters Looking back. Looking forward. 20 years ago our asylum system was more just. We think it can be again. To mark the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week, we look back at policy changes over the past 20 years to show that a more just […]

Surviving the UK asylum system – and becoming an activist for others
July 5th, 2018

By Veecca Smith Uka, Co-founder of Sisters United and Refugee Week Ambassador I show my presence everywhere in Halifax, my new home city – at the council, at schools, at hospitals. I’ve been in the UK for six years and my passion is to give refugees and asylum seekers the support I never got when […]

Biscuit-making with young refugees for #SimpleActs
June 25th, 2018

Guest Post by Leïla Seguin from British Red Cross Young Refugee Service. Leïla also works on Refugee Week at Counterpoints Arts. For Refugee Week 2018 and as part of the #SimpleActs Campaign, we invited Orly Orbach to deliver two gingerbread biscuit-making workshops to young people at British Red Cross RnB Projects In May 2018 I had the […]

The New Babylonians – exhibition in Brighton for Refugee Week
June 21st, 2018

Guest post by ONCA Gallery Brighton celebrates refugee week with the exhibition The New Babylonians, Gil Mualem-Doron at ONCA Gallery.  The exhibition presents several participatory art projects created in the past year with young adults, refugees members of The Migrant English Project (MEP) Brighton and CARAS organisation London, and Art Rich (Portsmouth). The project presents a […]

Britain – a land of camps
June 18th, 2018

Guest post by Jordanna Bailkin Photograph of Ugandan Asians at Tonfanau camp by Jim Arnould, Nova (April 1973) Today, as the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week marks the contribution of refugees to British life, very few people think of Britain as a land of camps.  For many Britons, camps seem to happen  “elsewhere,” from Greece […]

UEA series to explore 20 years of refugee history
June 17th, 2018

Guest post by Hari Reed, UEA Refugee History   20 Years of Refugee Aid, Advocacy and Activism In recognition of the 20thanniversary of Refugee Week, UEA Refugee History are publishing one blog per day – here – on our website, for the duration of the week. Each blog looks at an aspect of refugee aid, advocacy […]

Music Action International at Refugee Week
June 13th, 2018

Guest post by Music Action International How does music support refugees to rebuild mental & emotional health, connect with people & find new friends? Our Refugee Week events are led by refugees, asylum seekers, torture survivors and Roma people who find music effectively transforms their lives, rebuilds hope and helps them to connect with other […]

Great Street Feast, London – in support of Freedom from Torture
June 13th, 2018
great street feast

  Guest post by Freedom from Torture Every survivor of torture in the UK has a different story, which means that their needs are different too.  That’s why we at Freedom from Torture, tailor the support we offer to suit each person who comes to us. We provide counselling, group therapy and ongoing support.  We […]

How a Brighton nursery school is celebrating Refugee Week
June 12th, 2018
A story with Ikram

Guest post about The Royal Spa Nursery This Refugee Week there is a special celebration planned at Royal Spa nursery school in Brighton.  The nursery has been awarded the first Nursery of Sanctuary award in the city.  Brighton is proud to be a city of sanctuary, working to providing a welcoming environment for refugees.  Good […]

Shatila Stories – book launch on 20 June
June 4th, 2018

Guest post by Peirene Press On the 20th of June we will be marking Refugee Week with the launch of Shatila Stories, a novel written by nine refugees living in the Shatila camp in Beirut, Lebanon.  The launch will be held at Waterstones Gower St. and we would love you to join us! You can book […]