Guest post by the Diocese of Canterbury

To mark Refugee Week in June 2021, the Diocese of Canterbury is producing a film that will change the conversation on who is a refugee. Would you take part? 

We would like to deconstruct the meaning of the term ”Refuge” to show that we might all have sought refuge from something at some point in our life, a situation, an addiction.

We would like you to share what you sought refuge for and where you found it in ten words or less. We appreciate that your response is unique but would help us in our aim to bring unity in a much divisive narrative.

In the final film we will show a collection of people answering in ten words, then at the end of the short film, we’ll have everybody answering the question ‘Who, or what, is a refugee?’ by saying “we are”.

We’d like you to film yourself sharing your ten-word answer and also saying “we are”
This 10 words could be: I sought refuge from… and I found refuge in…

All we ask is that you film in landscape and you look at the screen when answering. Give your ten word reply and stop. Then, look at the camera, count to four in your head and then say aloud “we are”.

You can share your contribution either in English or in your native and/or heritage language.

If you choose to do this please do email Nadine with a translation of what you say please, unless it’s in Italian!

You can use the camera on your laptop, or a phone and film yourself or get a friend to do it. Alternatively, our Communication Team can Zoom you and record. That way you don’t have to worry about sending anything!

Any questions or queries at all, please do get in touch with our Senior Communication Officer Nadine Miller or call 07850 774620. You can send the film clip to Nadine and the deadline is Monday 17th May.

Once completed the video will be shared online, across social media platforms and submitted to be broadcast too.