1. Imagine

Sometimes, the smallest things can start the biggest changes.

When we founded the Simple Acts campaign in 2009, we knew that as one person wanting to make a difference, it can feel hard to know where to begin. We believed that if lots of us did one simple, everyday action, together we could begin to make lasting changes to the world around us.

Since then, thousands of people of all ages have taken part in Simple Acts –  in schools, universities, museums, theatres, choirs, youth clubs, or at home (here are some examples of recent responses).

For Refugee Week 2020 (15-21 June), we’re inviting you to do one or more of our eight Simple Acts linked to the theme of ‘Imagine’. You can build an activity around one of the Simple Acts, tie them in to a Refugee Week activity you’re already planning, or simply get involved during Refugee Week itself.

Whether you watch a film, take part in a campaign or share your vision for the future, you’ll be joining a big creative, collective movement to stand with refugees, change how we see displacement and together, imagine a better world.

Simple Acts are illustrated by the brilliant Karin Akesson and include suggestions of inspiration and resources to get you started.

Visit the Simple Acts page to find out more, and help spread the word using #SimpleActs.