For Refugee Week 2018 we want to learn as much as possible from Refugee Week, and have commissioned an evaluation from m2 to help us plan for the future.

We want to capture as much as possible from all the amazing events going on, and want to hear more from you about your event, including about who came, their experience of the event and what motivated them to come.
We hope the information you gather will also be useful for your organisation and future event planning.


We’re trying to make it as easy and flexible as possible for you to collect information (there are no no feedback forms!).


Here’s are four steps to contributing to the evaluation:


1. Take a look at the ‘menu’ below and decide which information you can collect, and the best way to do this for your event(s).
2. Take lots of photos of the posters/postcards gathered at the events (as well as the events themselves). We’d also love you to record and share video and audio clips if appropriate/possible.
3. After your event, send your information and photos to
4. Complete the five minute survey we will send out following Refugee Week


Thank you!