Here are some examples of the many diverse educational events that have taken place throughout the UK

1) Location: London
Venue: Woodberry Down Community Primary School
Title of Event: Fortress Europe
Summary: An audio and visual instillation, aimed at schools and the general public, aiming to give participants an idea of what it feels like to be a refugee and challenging racism against refugees within the media. Each participant walked through a ‘labyrinth’ of eight stations as if they were a refugee seeking asylum in Britain. On a walkman they were accompanied by refugee voices interacting with border-guards, immigration officials and tabloid media.

2) Location: Vale of Glamorgan
Venue: National Museum of Wales
Title of Event: Education Programme
Summary: Students from 4 different schools were invited to take part in a series of educational activities on refugee and asylum issues at the National Museum of Wales. The activities included viewing the ‘Wall of Languages’ exhibition, watching a theatre performance on the issues surrounding asylum and taking part in a workshop following the play in which the students explored what they had learnt and whether their preconceived ideas about refugees & asylum seekers had changed.

3) Location: Reigate
Venue: Reigate Baptist Church
Title of Event: Asylum and Refugees Talk
Summary: Members of the public were invited to share the first-hand experiences of two people who work with refugees and asylum seekers every day with speakers from Gatwick Detainees’ Welfare Group and Refugee Action. Topics discussed were ‘The issues faced by Asylum Seekers’ and ‘The Reality of Life as a Refugee’.

4) Location: Norwich
Venue: The Archive Centre
Title of Event: Moving Here
Summary: A lunchtime talk held by the Norfolk Record Office and open to the host and refugee communities – an invitation to discover Norwich’s fascinating history of refugees and immigrants through the Norfolk Record Office collections.

5) Location: Edinburgh
Venue: St George’s West Church
Title of Event: Advice and information session
Summary: An open invitation for the public to attend an informal session to learn about the asylum process, rights and entitlements of refugees and asylum seekers and working effectively to support refugees and asylum seekers.

6) Location: Croydon
Venue: Various Primary and Secondary Schools
Title of Event: Reaching Out Storytelling
Summary: Poetry and storytelling events about the journey and lives of young refugees and asylum seekers aimed at children and young people.

7) Location: Birmingham
Venue: Young People’s Parliament
Title of Event: Refugee Week Schools Debate
Summary: Schoolchildren were invited by the Young People’s Parliament to hold a debate on the motion ‘People whose application for asylum have failed are not refugees. They should return to their home countries and if they refuse to go they should be forced to leave the UK through deportation’. The young people heard evidence from a range of speakers and then debated. The students were encouraged to think about appropriate actions they could take through school or within their communities.

8) Location: Swansea
Venue: Swansea College
Title of Event: Work Experience Day
Summary: An event aimed at refugees and asylum seekers, with information and advice on training and volunteering opportunities in the local community. Attended by local businesses, services and agencies, as well general public.

9) Location: London
Venue: Various schools
Title of Event: Put Yourself in Our Shoes
Summary: A group of refugee women from the All African Woman’s Group visited schools around London. They discussed their reasons for fleeing their homeland, leaving behind everything they knew, and their experiences of surviving in Britain. Each talk was followed by questions and discussion. A play – “Welcome to Fortress Europe” – scripted by volunteers at the Crossroads Women’s Centre and conveying real life experiences was also performed.

10) Location: Manchester
Venue: Manchester City Stadium
Title of Event: Uncertain Futures
Summary: An information and training event was held for practitioners and managers who supported and/or worked with young refugees and asylum seekers.