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Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are a great way of getting people along to your event, and telling the story afterwards. They key to success is keeping it personal and keeping it visual – think photos of people!

Here are some useful free websites, programmes and apps you can use to produce content for social media:

Make a meme (photo + text)

*Search ‘meme generator’ on your smartphone, tablet or PC – there are lots of easy meme-making websites and apps available, like this one

INSPIRATION: White Helmet Memes by the Syria Campaign

Make and share micro-videos (very short video clips)

Vine records up to 6 seconds of video

Instagram records up to 15 seconds

Keek records up to 36 seconds

INSPIRATION: 5 NGOs That Use Vine for Creative Storytelling

Record a video message

*Shoot using your camera, camera phone or tablet

*Share on Youtube or Vimeo

INSPIRATION: Positive voices on migration from Open Generation

Record an audio message

*Record on your phone or audio recorder

*If you want to edit your audio, try Audacity free audio editing software. For help with Audacity, try this Wiki page or good old Youtube

INSPIRATION: Audio stories from My Journey migrant storytelling project, BBC radio’s 100 Stories of Migration in Leicester

Share your audio clip

*Post audio with a single image on Audioboom

Soundcloud is also a popular audio-sharing site, especially for music

INSPIRATION: My Journey exhibition audio blog

Make a photo-film (audio-visual slideshow)

Soundslides (free trial version available)

Microsoft Photo Story


INSPIRATION: My Journey photo-films, The Guardian’s Backstage at the Snowman and Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2013

Further tips and inspiration

*Online tutorials on photography, video, social media & more from ABC Open

*Social media tips for NGOs from Socialbrite (see ‘articles and resources’ on right hand side)