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Counterpoints Arts

Tuesday 08 June 2021

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm









Arts and Culture


From the rise of Hitler in 1933 to post-Holocaust Europe, the Quakers played a huge role in saving Jewish lives. Leading the way was Bertha Bracey, the head of the British Quakers. She was instrumental in setting up a school for Jewish refugee children in Surrey but her most important work was in the two years leading up to war. She and her Quaker team were among those who initiated the Kindertransport programme – the rescue of 10,000 mainly Jewish children from Nazi Europe.

During the war her Quakers provided homes, hostels, schools and parental support for the children who had come to Britain without their parents. After the war, Bracey led a team to bring to safety children who had survived the Nazi death camps. Hers was a life of immense care devoted to the welfare of refugees.

Holocaust educator, researcher and writer Mike Levy tells her forgotten story and pays tribute to the role of the Quakers in saving so many lives. He will be joined by Cambridge-based Quaker David Dobson, who will talk about this important topic and its wider context from a Quaker perspective.