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Monday 14 June 2021 - Sunday 20 June 2021

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Conflict Textiles




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This online workshop programme is commissioned by Causeway Coast and Glen's Borough Council’s Good Relations Programme (CCGBC). It is supported by the Executive Office - Together: Building a United Community Strategy, District Council Good Relations Programme.

It draws on the theme of UK Refugee week 2021, (14 -20th June) “We Cannot Walk Alone” and World Refugee Day, (20th June) “Every Action Counts”. It builds on previous collaboration with CCGBC Good Relations Programme through the exhibition programme Conflict, Peace: Our journey, our future (September 2020).

Through a series of online workshops, participants will create arpillera dolls responding to the theme “We Cannot Walk Alone”. Specifically this invites us all to extend our hand to someone new, someone outside our current circle, who has had an experience we haven’t, or is fighting for a cause we aren’t yet involved in. The finished dolls will form a collective banner which will journey to the participating groups during refugee week.

Core elements of this online programme:
1)Conflict Textiles curator, Roberta Bacic and Conflict Textiles Fabric Artist Deborah Stockdale will facilitate one session with facilitators of groups and staff, explaining the concept of arpilleras, workshop process and anticipated outcomes (Wednesday 5th May).
2)Deborah Stockdale, with support from Roberta Bacic, will facilitate a workshop with three separate groups over two days (Thursday 20th - Tuesday 25th May). To assist participants in the process of making arpillera dolls Conflict Textiles will provide a box of scrap materials for each group.
3)Deborah and Roberta will stitch the final collection of finished dolls onto a backing and complete the banner.

This collective banner, along with outcomes from other local initiatives, will contribute to the PLATFORMA 6 festival, to be held in Yorkshire, (October 2021), hosted by the UK based Counterpoints Arts.

Image: The People make the city; English arpillera, Janet Wilkinson and Susan Beck, 2011; Conflict Textiles collection; Photo Susan Beck, © Conflict Textiles