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Counterpoints Arts

Saturday 25 June 2022

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Riverside Terrace, Level 2
Southbank Centre


Southbank Centre and Counterpoints Arts





Arts and Culture, Children and Young People, Community, Dance, Live Art, Music

Little Amal visits the National Theatre and Somerset House. Little Amal photo-essay. Photograph by David Levene 23/10/21

At a free event on the Southbank terrace, meet and dance with not-so-little puppet Little Amal, who has travelled from her home in Syria, raising awareness for refugees.

She loves to dance. In fact, she’s danced with thousands of children across her 8,000km journey from Syria to her new home in the UK.

Now, a year after leaving Syria, Amal visits the Southbank Centre to meet new friends Dance for Refuge and other guest artists.

Together, they dance in celebration of hope, resilience, and solidarity for refugee children just like Amal. Come and dance with them.

The Walk: Dance With Amal is presented by The Walk Productions in association with Handspring Puppet Company and Good Chance Theatre.