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Saturday 13 June 2020 - Sunday 21 June 2020

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Everyone CAN - Bilingual Children’s Workshops

To celebrate Refugee Week and Manchester’s status the most linguistically diverse cities in the Western Europe, CAN have commissioned a series of multi-lingual digital arts workshops to be shared online. These involve refugee and migrant artists in the devising, delivering and filming a range of work including: story-telling, music, craft activities recorded in two languages.

All workshops will be available for free on YouTube

Felt Art Workshop in English and Cantonese by Mei Yuk Wong

Learn to make a simple decoration, a small gift or a message of protest. The example here is heart-shaped with images of the NHS, flowers or any abstract patterns. The umbrella-shaped badge supports the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. You can design your own wonderful craft too!

Mei Yuk Wong is an artist, designer, curator and writer based in Manchester, England. She makes mixed media work on various themes, from personal stories to social and political issues. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally. She runs various art workshops. She enjoys films, plays, reading, travel, cooking, gardening and day-dreaming.
Instagram: @meiyukwong4286

Mei Yuk Wong Workshop

Persian Drumming Workshop in English and Farsi by Arian Sadr

Have a go at playing drums and understanding the basic rhythms used in Persian music.
Arian will demonstrate the basic skills for playing hand drums; on the Tonbak (Persian Goblet drum) and Daf (Persian frame drum.) and will also show you the same skills on other hand drums. He will teach you the basic hand positions along with beats and variations.
Facebook: ariansadrproduction
Twitter: @ariansadr1

Instagram: @sadr_arian

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Storytelling Workshop in English and Arabic by Abas El Janabi

Storytelling is the art of education. We try to learn from stories and imagine the events as they happen. This story, The Bird and the Merchant, is about a bird who wins his freedom by sending a message to his fellow birds asking for advice. The funny thing is that the bird’s owner is the messenger who unwittingly delivers the escape plan to the captive bird. The story was originally told as a moral fable by Persian poet and Islamic scholar, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī. The story is told by Abas El Janabi in Arabic and English.
Facebook: Abas Elj

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Photography and Wellbeing Workshop in Farsi and English by Mahboobeh Rajabi

In this workshop, Mahboobeh shares ways to stay well. How can we accept our emotions and feelings? How can we positively motivate ourselves? She will show you how to use simple photography tools to boost your energy and help you create a journal of good memories to keep for after the lock down.

Instagram: @Mahboobeh.MCR
Twitter: @Mahboobeh88

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Singing Workshop by Emmanuela Yogolelo

In this accessible workshop, Emmanuela teaches a short song in Swahili, starting with some vocal warm up exercises. Learn the harmonies too with the help of her daughters.

Emmanuela Yogolelo works for Community Arts North West as an Assistant Creative Producer on their Children and Young People’s programme. She is also a freelance singer, songwriter and workshop leader working with organisations and venues nationally and internationally. She co-directs Amani Creatives, an arts organisation showcasing artists from the African diaspora, and sings with the AfroCelt Sound System.

Emmanuela Yogolelo