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Counterpoints Arts

Monday 20 June 2022

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Get the Children Out! Unsung Heroes of the Kindertransport





Educational event, Literature

The grocer, the teacher, the soldier, the Quaker... In his new book, Mike Levy shines a light on the courageous deeds of twenty-two women and men who transformed the lives of the Kindertransport children and other refugees. In 1938, when the Government refused to act and those around them turned a blind eye, these heroic individuals took it upon themselves to orchestrate one of the greatest lifesaving missions the world has ever seen. Until now the compelling accounts of these extraordinary rescue missions have remained untold.

Mike Levy is a researcher for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Association for Jewish Refugees, an educator with the Holocaust Education Trust and Chair of The Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust. The book includes a Foreword by former child refugee Lord Alf Dubs.

This book has been published in support of Safe Passage, which helps unaccompanied child refugees find legal routes to sanctuary. Every year thousands of child refugees arrive in Europe, almost half of them are unaccompanied and as a result are at risk of being abused and trafficked. Yet many of these children have a legal right to travel safely to a place of sanctuary. £1 from the sale of each copy of this book will be donated to Safe Passage.