Hostile Environment: Resisting Everyday Borders

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What are everyday borders?

How has a drive to ‘create a really hostile environment for illegal migrants’ instilled fear in our communities and forced us to take on the role of border guards in our everyday lives?

The Windrush scandal threw a light over the government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy, an approach that makes it increasingly difficult for anyone who is perceived as a migrant to access healthcare, housing, education & employment. Pushing people to the margins of society and blocking access to services like the NHS, the hostile environment encourages a discriminatory approach within public institutions and the housing market, while it threatens those deemed ‘illegal’ with a denial of their basic human rights, exclusion and exploitation, if they cannot prove their immigration status. Meanwhile, immigration enforcement encroaches further into our everyday lives, as information collected in public institutions such as schools is passed on to government bodies to help track, detain and deport families and individuals directly from our communities.

Join us for an evening of films and discussion to find out more about resistance to border controls within our local community, as well as what we can do together to oppose this hostile environment in future.

Date 27/06/2018
Time 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue Room CCEI-117,
Northumbria University Campus East

Vanessa Zappi
Migration and Asylum Justice Forum
Category Campaigning or awareness-raising
Price free