Human Bridges


Dima Karout Art Studio invites you to celebrate Refugee Week at Manor House and discover:

1- Human Bridges, a visual art exhibition that tells the story of ten Syrian artists who connected at the Fine Arts University of Damascus starting in 2000. Today they all lost their home, but a thin line of friendship built through art survived and virtually crossing continents. They are all connected to Dima by an object that they offered her over the years, and at different moments in their story and for different reasons. These objects travelled with Dima from Damascus to Paris to Sacramento to Montreal and now they landed in London. In a sense, they are homeless travelling objects as the humans they represent. But they carry a strong metaphor for connection and they represent a piece of home. Human bridges is an exhibition of these objects and of the stories telling different humans' sides of this bridge.

Participant artists: Rana Nizam, Soulaf Abas, Eman Lolah, Sawsan Nourallah, Abdulla Jassem, Abdulrazzak Alsalhani, Jean Hanna, Firas Saleh and Salam Alhassan.

2- Nasher, an installation of suspended canvas with handwritten true stories told by Syrians to describe crucial moments that marked their life during the conflict.

3- Fingerprints, a printing workshop where participants can discover already carved wooden pieces inspired of Old Damascus walls and patterns, use these motifs to print and create postcards they can offer to a friend or a stranger to build a bridge with another human.

With Human Bridges, Dima wants to focus on the power of art in connecting humans. And the aim of this event is to open a conversation and to create a meeting point.

Free and open to all at Manor House near Hither Green. For updates, join our Facebook event:



Date 23/06/2018
Time 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue Manor House
34 Old Rd
SE13 5SY

Dima Karout
Dima Karout Art Studio
Category Educational event, Visual Arts
Price Free