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Counterpoints Arts

Saturday 13 June 2020 - Friday 21 June 2030

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Visual Arts


This exhibition was originally planned to take place in Strangers Coffee House cafes in Norwich UK however, due to lockdown from coronavirus, it is now online. It is named after a drawing by Majid, one of the asylum seekers I met in Athens. You can see his portrait in Part Three of this exhibition, Every Life Matters, holding another of his drawings where the woman's hair spells Syria.

I hope you will be inspired by the story of Mohamad who set up a school for the children in his refugee camp. His determination, energy and positivity is helping to change the lives of other children, and now women, who attend the school. I hope you will be able to spare £10 towards keeping the school open. Maybe see this as the money you saved last week from not being able to buy coffee at work or a round in the pub. And when we raise £30 it will pay for one month of education and fun for a lucky student.

The difficult situation we find ourselves in globally is the every day reality for displaced people with no home to stay safe in. They may not have heard from friends, family and loved ones for months, or they may have lost them through violence, disease or imprisonment. They are used to food shortages, no running water and no work or school to go to. They definitely don't have a good supply of toilet paper.

I hope that having to experience just a fraction of these frightening and difficult conditions will enable us all to be more empathic with those who have lost their homes through war, unsafe political regimes, environmental change or other circumstances outside their control. I hope it will encourage people to campaign for change and welcome asylum seekers to give them a safe place to live.