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Monday 17 June 2019 - Sunday 23 June 2019

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Refugee Learning Stories





Arts and Culture, Educational event


Refugee Week 2019 sees the launch of Refugee Learning Stories, an interactive open space created by Gabi Witthaus and Gill Ryan to gather stories and resources around adult refugees who are learning online using mobile technologies. We set up this site because we are curious to find out how and why refugees are learning online. This includes things like participating in WhatsApp groups, using online resources such as YouTube, Wikipedia or Google, and doing online courses. We would like to know what the biggest challenges are, how people are dealing with these challenges, and how learning online makes a difference in people’s lives. We are particularly interested in stories about learners and educators creating new learning spaces and approaches, where learning is a two-way street, where traditional hierarchies are challenged, and where both the learners and the educators are changed through the encounter.

The aim of the site is to enable learners and educators to share these stories by writing in their own words or using images, sound, video or gifs. We also welcome links to any information about online or mobile learning with and for adult refugees, including organisational newsletters, blogs, project reports, articles and presentations.

We believe that your stories about how adult refugees and asylum seekers are working together with teachers and volunteers, learning with and from one another will inspire other people. We hope that Refugee Learning Stories will become a resource for many displaced people and the frontline workers who support them. Please come and share your story!