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Counterpoints Arts

Friday 19 June 2020

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Oxford City of Sanctuary and Oxford Human Rights Festival






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Panel: Basma El Doukhi (Palestinian stateless refugee), Oxford Lord Mayor; Leader of the Green Group; Green Group shadow member for finance, leisure, parks and sports, Cllr Craig Simmons, Chaker Khazal founder of Candle of Hope.

Panel discussion will be guided by Basma El Doukhi a Masters candidate at the Centre of Development and Emergency Practice at Oxford Brookes University.


We can connect and build bridges with each other as humans, when we overcome our stereotypes, assumptions and judgements.

How can creative and interconnected practices, ideas, projects, initiatives, and stories positively contribute and enhance to the way and models refugees tell their stories, how they are perceived by the western audiences!?

How can the voice of refugees and asylum seekers can be reflected through their personal and community stories and journeys of censorship and exile creativity!?

What is our role to share, promote and enhance refugees and asylum seekers perceptions and stories and change the narratives through the lens of resilience!?

We will explore together ideas, projects and lessons learned about the resilience through the lens of individuals, initiatives , community organizations focusing on development and humanitarian aid sector.

Lets create and celebrate narratives for hope, resilience , acceptance and solidarity.

We will explore the role of cities of sanctuary in welcoming diversity and particularity Oxford and celebrate its achievements .

This evening discussion will be followed by a Q & A.

This event is part of Oxford City of Sanctuary and Oxford Human Rights Festival (CENDEP)