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Monday 15 June 2020 - Sunday 21 June 2020

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Recipes for Resistance

Recipes for Resistance is an interactive multimedia art project which explores the politics of food and its relationship to migration, belonging, memory, culture, coloniality, gender, resilience, adaptability and resistance.

It functions as both a metaphor for and testimony to survival.

Long in the making, it initially started as a zine and has grown into a group exhibition to be shown at Ort Gallery, Birmingham in the autumn of 2020. The show consists of five artists: Sabba KhanJasleen KaurNavi Kaur and Raju Rage. Artist in residence Yas Lime will be creatively responding to the exhibition in its duration. The work on show is accompanied by a library of resources that explores food, migration and politics in nuance and complexity. The exhibition is a culmination of research, collection and relationship building by Raju Rage.

The exhibition also features a new publication of the same name produced by Raju Rage, which is a crucial element of the show, that spans poetry, testimonies, articles, cross generational conversations, interviews, illustrations, photography and recipes. It includes contributions from Raisa Kabir, Sabba Khan, Queer Masala, Nandini Moitra, Zarina Muhammad, Raju Rage, YSK Prerana, Vijeta Kumar, Edible Archives and WAH! Womxn Artists of Colour.

Read the publication here:

Recipes for Resistance publication was created to be in direct conversation with other art/works in the exhibit of the same name at Ort Gallery, Birmingham. Due to the Covid pandemic the exhibit has had to be postponed until a future date. This publication will continue to be an instrumental part of the upcoming exhibition but we have decided to allow it to migrate in the interim in order to generate interest and to get a flavour of what is to come. It is available to read for free online for a limited time (31 June 2020) as well as limited printed copies to purchase for £7 (£5 + £2 p&p) via the artist’s website. We have invited artists/writers/chefs to creatively respond to the publication, which will be shared soon, to continue the conversations around recipes for resistance.

The exhibition and publication centre on South Asian voices, from South Asia and the diaspora, in an attempt to connect them better and platform issues of ethnicity, religion, caste and gender. The British South Asian identity and it’s relation to food has often been flattened down and simplified, as can be witnesses with the British ‘curry’. There are much needed conversations to be had, in order to unpack these important issues. This exhibition also relates and connects to the legacies of the South Asian culture and community in Birmingham (as well as other parts of the UK) of which there is a considerable heritage. The exhibition and publication carve ‘conversations’ between South Asian creative producers who are engaging with culinary themes but are exploring them differently.

This exhibition is curated by Raju Rage with support from Ort Gallery. The project has been funded by Arts Council England.