Refugees, Migrants & Asylum Seekers- unpick the crisis.

 A workshop with Wendy Ashall Lecturer at the University of Sussex.  

There has been much coverage in the media in recent years regarding the ‘refugee crisis’, as large numbers of people have fled conflict in Syria and elsewhere. At the same time, concern has been raised regarding the free movement of people within the European Union, and rising numbers of ‘economic migrants’ arriving in the Europe via the Mediterranean or overland through South-eastern

Europe. Indeed ‘uncontrolled’ migration has often been cited as a key factor in the Brexit Referendum.

 But what is the difference between a ‘refugee’, an ‘economic migrant’ and an ‘asylum seeker’?  And are the numbers arriving in the UK really unprecedented? In this interactive workshop we will work together to clarify exactly what each of these terms refers to, as well as assess whether there is a ‘crises’.

Date 18/06/2019
Time 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Venue Jubilee Library
Jubilee Square

Norah Carr
Brighton and Hove libraries
01273 290800
Category Community event
Price Free