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Counterpoints Arts

Tuesday 18 June 2019 - Saturday 06 July 2019

All Day


Willesden Gallery
95 High Road
Willesden Green
NW10 2SF


Brent Council




Visual Arts

Featuring a mixed media installation surrounded by two-dimensional drawings and paintings. Pamela Leung’s Shades of Red Ill, 2019, sees the artist’s exploration into identity and migration
through the colour red.

Consisting of video, sound and participation performances, the installation will echo the voices of migrants and their personal experiences in Moment of Red, 2017. Leung shares: "Red, to me, is the universal colour that runs through humanity – the colour of blood.” The installation invites the audience to reflect beyond the biology, and extend this sentiment to our psychology and emotions, and thus, the forming of identity through experience.

Moment of Red features a series of interviews between the artist and immigrants from around the world. Leung asks them to cut through years of adaptation, evolution and construction of their identities – challenging them to reflect upon their cultural, national and global circumstances and belonging. It is a series of reduction, in hopes of collecting various anecdotes and histories where all participants will allow themselves to consider and remember their roots, and the very colour that runs through us.

The Artist

Pamela Leung is a Sydney-based emerging artist, with a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the National Art School, 2016. Following this, Leung received the Emerging Artist Prize in the 65th Blake Prize 2018, as well as exhibiting widely in Australia, Taiwan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Paris, and now London.