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Counterpoints Arts

Monday 14 June 2021 - Sunday 20 June 2021

All Day




Journeys Festival International





Free of charge


Multi Art-form

Sun Up Rain Falls River Rises (Images by Pickle Illustrations)  (1.2)

Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises

by Phosphoros Theatre with Mira Siegel and Pickle Illustrations

June 14 - 20

Let Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises take you to three different countries as you listen to the memories shared by each writer.

Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises is an opportunity to engage with a beautiful audio experience whilst out and about or exercising in your local area. Three audio narratives written by Phosphoros Theatre will transport you to different settings around the globe, allowing a glimpse into the memories of each writer. Three new compositions by Mira Siegel accompany each narrative. Illustrated posters by Pickle Illustration allow QR code access to each piece.

For Refugee Week 2021, we've placed the posters in specially selected locations across the UK. Find the list of locations on our website, during Refugee Week, and scan the QR code on each poster to enjoy the stunning illustrations, beautiful sound track and tantalising tales that form Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises.

This event has many different locations - click here to find out more where to find posters nearby you!