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Counterpoints Arts

Tuesday 16 June 2020

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Counterpoints Arts 'Pop Change' Project



Conference/seminar/lecture, Educational event


If you type ‘United Kingdom’ into google images what do you get? A map, the flag and a picture of Westminster. How about ‘Australia’? A map, flag and tourist icon. Now try 'Yemen'. The images are of war, cities in rubble and young men with rifles.

We rely on large tech organisations like Google and Facebook for a huge portion of our information. However, these companies do not equally or fairly represent migrants or the countries they come from. This exposes a structural racism that homogenised and dilutes the narrative of particular regions and cultures.

'Tag It Right' is a youth-led campaign from PopChange challenging how Internet content such as images and news are tagged, filtered and presented in social media platforms and search engines, reproducing biases and stereotypes in how we see migrants and refugees.
This event will launch the project at Refugee Week 2020 with a discussion about the biases within our media, from how we tag our own photos online to the Western-centric algorithms within major companies like Google. It will aim to bring together varied perspectives through a diverse panel to talk about the impact online content has on our view of the world.



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PopChange (Pop Culture & Social Change) is a pioneering initiative led by Counterpoints Arts exploring how the power of pop culture can be harnessed for social change in order to shift the way we talk, think and feel about migration and displacement in the UK.