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Saturday 09 May 2020 - Sunday 21 June 2020

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Arts and Culture, Children and Young People

Giant Doll's House

Make your own miniature home and be part an international Virtual Giant Dolls’ House for Refugee Week 2020.

The instructions by Governments all over the world for people to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic has made everyone more aware of their personal space and the value of their community. The 70 million refugees around the world have also lost their freedom of movement and access to their communities.

The Virtual Giant Dolls’ House project invites children of all ages and their close ones to creatively share their experience of staying in one space because of self-isolation and social distancing. Making a dolls’ house in a shoebox engages participants in critical thinking and craft skills. It visually demonstrates the importance of community and mutual support for all people.

To find out more about the project and how to make your dolls’ house, visit the Giant Dolls’ House website.

The Giant Dolls’ House project is led by architect Catja de Haas and is supported by Oxfam and the London Festival of Architecture.