‘The World Is For Everyone’: Creative Voices of PAMOJA Women Together Group

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Join the PAMOJA Women Together group from Nottingham Refugee Forum to celebrate their forthcoming anthology project, 'The World Is for Everyone'. Over the course of five weeks, the women in this group - who come from a range of asylum-seeking and migrant backgrounds - have engaged in creative activities facilitated by writers, artists and lecturers from NTU that have encouraged them to explore their connections with the Nottingham landscape - and to embed their own stories and voices within it. From sound poems developed during walks along the River Trent to memories of food and home prompted by bread-baking at Sneinton Windmill, the anthology presents a rich array of work that showcases the women's many talents and offers powerful insights into the experience of making a new home in Nottingham. The event will feature readings from group members, combined with film and sound footage, and a panel discussion with those supporting the project - including group leader Hannah Ziolek, and Palewell Press editor Camilla Reeve.

Date 27/05/2019
Time 2:00 pm
Venue Grand Jury Room
National High Pavement

Price FREE