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Counterpoints Arts

Saturday 20 June 2020 - Friday 26 June 2020

1:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Minim Photography Gallery
No. 6, Lane 280, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, 103


Voices Without Borders



NTD$70 (1.85 pounds)


Multi Art-form


"Not sure where to go

Stuck in a place where there is no exit

Many roads are blocked

Down car mirror and see it is a long queue

And lost hope to reach home soon

All we want is to get home before it gets dark"

  • “I Am Just Stuck“  by Rohingya Refugee Poet Ro Yassin Abdumonab


Do you remember the last time you were forced to migrate or stay? When did COVID-19 start to affect our relations and interactions?

In order to find another possibility, people have embarked on the routes of migration to seek a place where they are no longer just passing by. However, within the turbulence of drift, freedom is not always guaranteed.
When the pandemic has established new walls, human beings are forced into isolation. The epidemic ignores borders and permeates every section of the drifting routes of displaced people.
Coinciding with World Refugee Day on June 20, this exhibition in collaboration  with the reporters from Taiwan and the UK, displays the diverse daily life of refugees from #Syria, #Venezuela, #Gaza and #Rohingya people across the world. Through their voices, videos, images and stories, the exhibition disseminates the words of each refugee individual who is eager to voice out across borders under the #COVID-19 crisis.
The exhibition also invites audiences to engage in and interact with the refugees who are thousands of kilometres away and seek the route together. The life experiences of us, from different backgrounds,  and towards different destinations, may be overlapped, intersected, and connected  through more imaginations.
Note: In this exhibition, the definition of “refugee” is not constrained to The UN Refugee Agency’s definition, but rather a general concept. It includes those who are forced to cross a national border to seek asylum owing to unwilling reasons.


—— Exhibition Information ——

▎Interactive Teaser Online: Find A Way with Refugees
▎Exhibition TimeOpening Day 2020.06.20 (Sat.) 18:00- 21:30

Exhibition Days 2020.06.21 (Sun.) - 06.26 (Fri.)  13:30 - 20:30


👉  Reminder:The exhibition will not be open to the public in these two periods: 06.21 18:00-20:30 (Mon.) and 06.25 (Thurs.) 13:30-16:00 due to holding two workshops. Please come at another time! Thanks for your understanding.


▎Exhibition Location

Minim Photography Gallery |

No. 6, Lane 280, Section 1, Dihua St, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

Minim Photographic Gallery is a space for storytelling, its setting makes an intimate environment to connect each viewer to the artwork. The gallery features imagery that informs through artistic expression and creative dialogues.


▎Ticket NT$ 70 

The number “70” is inspired by UNHCR’s Figures at a Glance- “70.8 million” forcibly displaced people worldwide. Based on the statistics, there are 41.3 millions of internationally displaced people, 25.9 million refugees and 3.5 million asylum-seekers among them. The exhibition is organized voluntarily by volunteers who care about this issue. The small revenue will be donated to “Voices Without Borders” for continuous documentary works and future exhibitions.



Two surprise Events are coming soon!

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**Instructions for admission**

Regarding the epidemic prevention measures, please kindly cooperate with the #temperature measurement and # hand disinfection at the entrance. If your body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, please be considerate to other participants. We will not allow you to enter, but you are welcome to continue to follow our works online and subsequent activities.

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, and abnormal sense of smell, please do not participate in this activity. Thank you for your cooperation.

—— Exhibition Participants ——



Yingyu Alicia Chen|Independent journalist and writer, focusing on refugees, forced migration and human rights issues.

Hsiao-Chi Chu|Independent art project manager and writer, focusing on art, museum, heritages, forced migration and human rights issues.

Yunjie Liao |Independent journalist, writer and photographer. Her works often encompass stories involving freedom, borders, conflicts and narratives.



Yingyu Alicia Chen

Ewa Lelontko



Joss Duncan


▎Artists (A to Z)

#Venezuelan Refugee Musician Laura Pérez

#Syrian artist Omar Alassoura

#Rohingya Refugee Poet Ro Yassin Abdumonab


▎Visual designer

Tsai Cheng Che|tsai_tsai_experiment


▎Co-exhibition Coordinator
Chang Yi-Tzu |Service designer, Loves exploring stories and care about art/design education and public policy
BASED DESIGN|We are committed to deliver the most effective method of digital communication, using technology to deepen human communication and emotional understanding.


Voices Without Borders
Voices Without Borders (VWB) is established by independent journalist Yingyu Alicia Chen, freelance documentary photographer Joss Duncan, and NGO worker Ewa Lelontko. During COVID-19 pandemic, VWB aims to showcase the human side of stories that refugees and forced migrants live under the structure of global inequalities. To voice those who are often left behind. To show that we are not alone and to empower each other. To create a community in a world of uncertainty.

Migrants of the Mediterranean
Migrants of the Mediterranean (MotM) is founded by Pamela Kerpius. MotM records the migrants' stories by Humanitarian Storytelling approach to present the experience of the individual migrant’s journey, from country of origin to Europe, to see who they are and what it entails to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety, freedom and opportunity. The mission of MotM is to see the trauma people have suffered on their journey as a reality we see as our own, and document it for the historical record. Only by understanding the crisis of humanity before us are we equipped to address it.


▎Special Thanks (A to Z)

Abdullah Alkhonaini

Adri Ochoa

Ana Ce

Brighton Migrants Solidarity (Jacob)

Chang Wei

Chao Yaling

Corona Post. Doom & Bloom (Lisa Söderlindh)

C.W. Lee

Diego Vidal-Cruzprieto

Eva Huang

Eynel Pilatowsky

Hui-Fang Koo

Lin Tahan

Liu Yi-Zhi


Mina Chiang

Minim Photographic Gallery (Naomi & Min)

Pamela Kerpiu

Sean Xie

Sofia Castro

Robbie Porter

Will Yang

Zuya Zheng

and all interviewees and participants