(c) Music Action International

(c) Music Action International

Remember ‘Everyday People’ by Sly & the Family Stone? Yes, that one. It’s back, thanks to a group of young refugees and asylum seekers who have rewritten it with their own message of peace and unity – and they want you to sing it with them this Refugee Week.

The group, ‘Everyday People: LDN’, is a project by Guardian award-winning charity Music Action International, who have teamed up with Refugee Week and British Red Cross to create a teaching resource for schools using this inspiring new song.

The project is part of  ‘Harmonise’, Music Action International’s national music project supporting school children from refugee, asylum seeker and Roma backgrounds, celebrating their heritage with their peers, teachers and community leaders.

The song is a powerful and energetic way for Key Stage 2 pupils to connect with the experiences of their peers who have experienced displacement – learning a few words of Lingala while they’re at it.

Listen to the song and explore the resource here.

‘Everyday People’ is one of a whole range of Refugee Week educational resources available for young people of all ages – click here to explore.