This year the organisation SINGA is hosting France’s first ever Refugee Week activities.


SINGA was created in 2012 to get the French society involved with projects developed by refugees – be they cultural, social, artistic, civic or entrepreneurial :

Every year, around the time of the International Refugee Day, SINGA presents a diverse range of activities to the public in what they call the “Village SINGA”.

This year SINGA has decided to get involved in Refugee Week 2016 to “celebrate the people who have joined our community, and to acknowledge and assert that we all belong to a broader movement in which everyone is valued and welcomed” said Marie Beaurepaire, the Director of the SINGA Paris community.

We are really excited to have SINGA on board for Refugee Week 2016.

Have a look at their fantastic programme!!

Sunday 19th June: SINGA Euro

Join the SINGA community for an afternoon of sporting events! During the day we will watch the France vs. Switzerland game, have language exchanges and conversations, and finish with a collaborative dinner.

When:  Sunday 19th June, 16h- 22h

Where : Champs de Mars’s fan zone, Métro Ecole militaire, ligne 8.

Monday 20th June: International Refugee Day

The Mayor of Paris and the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) have invited us for an exceptional evening of conversations on music, culture, education … All topics will be covered!

When: Monday 20th June, 18h-22h30

Where: Paris Town Hall, 5 rue Lobau, 75004, Paris. Métro Hotel de Ville, ligne 1

SINGA hotel de ville

Tuesday 21st June: International Music Day

SINGA’s community invites you to a prestigious event, which combines music and football. Paris Town Hall, Paris Philharmonie, Paris Conservatoire (CRR) and Tatane Association invite us to watch the Spain vs. Croatia football game, with music in the background. Come and share the thrills of sport and music with us! Then we will share a picnic at the Parc de la Villette.

When: Tuesday 21st June . 21h- 00h

Where: Philarmonie de Paris, 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019, Paris. Métro Porte de Pantin, ligne 5.


Wednesday 22nd June: Paris Street Art/ Family Day

During an afternoon dedicated to families, street-art artists will come together to create a mural on the theme of “Welcome”. There will also be circus activities and snacks will be provided!

Where: Wednesday 22th June, 15h-18h

When : Square Temple, 64 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, Métro Temple, ligne 3

SINGA street art


Thursday 23rd June: Kawaa “Hospitality around the world”

How do you welcome your guests? Is hospitality the same around the world? Come discuss and exchange about hospitality with SINGA’s community!

When: Thursday 23rd June,18h30-20h30

Where : Caveau de la Mairie du 1 8, 1 Place Jules Joffrin, 75018 Paris, Métro Jules Joffrin, ligne 12


Friday 24th June : Closing Evening of  “Village SINGA”

Seven days, seven events, it’s time to take a moment to get together and party together! We are waiting for you to meet and share before the holidays!

When: Friday 24th June, 19h

Where : Le Barapapa, Port de la Rapée, 75012 Paris


Saturday 25th  June : Brunch at CALM ( Comme A La Maison)

A year ago The CALM program (Like at home) came to life  ! A year later, more than 200 acts of welcome have been made and beautiful stories have emerged. Meet us at a participatory brunch to share your stories with the whole community of SINGA!

When: Saturday 25th June, 11h-16h

Where: Parc de Belleville


SInga calm






SINGA also organises events in other French cities !


Saturday 18th June : A bike ride around the city ! 

When: 18th June , 13h45- 16h30

Where : 2 Avenue Léon Jouhaux à Lille, association Le Grand Huit, devant le restaurant “Le Corfou” .

Wednesday 22th June : Mega SiNGA BlaBla

Singa Blabla are friendly moments where everyone comes to share their knowlege of French language and  their desire to learn with hands, images, words and smiles. Everyone can bring snacks and refreshments.

When: 18th June, 18h30-20h30

Where : 23 Rue Malus-Lille à la Sauvegarde du Nord

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th : Workshop Syrian and Iraqi Food

When:  24th June , 9h30 – 19h30/ 25th June , 9h30 et 17h30


Saturday 25th June : SINGA’s Big PARTY

Do you want to learn how to cook  Syrian or Iraqi food? Come and join the workshop to prepare the buffet for the party! A good night to meet people, to listen to some music and to enjoy the syrian and Iraqi buffet.

When: 25th June, 19h-00h

Where: 23 rue Malus à Lille

Price: 14,50 Euros / Child: 7 Euros

You can book here before the 22th June.



Thursday 23rd June: Kawaa “Hospitality around the world”

How do you welcome your guests? Is hospitality the same around the world? Come discuss and exchange about hospitality with SINGA’s community!

When: Thursday 23rd June,19h30

Where: La Cordée – Opéra, 4 Quai Jean Moulin 69001 Lyon