Find us on Twitter, Facebook and (new for 2015!) Instagram and join the conversation using the hashtags #RefugeesContribute and #RefugeeWeek.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. Share one of our #RefugeesContribute images – or find and share a contribution story of your own:FB-MIA-Blue.jpg (General Content Full width 523px)

Click here to browse all the images and choose one to share

2. Share your favourite #RefugeeWeek 2015 moment

Share photos of your event using #RefugeeWeek so we can retweet/share your photos with our community. We want to celebrate all the amazing work you are doing for Refugee Week, and recognise all the people in the UK who care about refugee rights.

All pictures are welcome – everything from preparation, to on the day, to a recap afterwards. Maybe a happy attendee, emotional reaction or your favourite #RefugeeWeek 2015 moment summed up in an image?

Click here for help creating a photo slideshow, video message, audio story or meme

3. Promote your Refugee Week event

Images are more likely to be shared than any other kind of post on social media, so get your event seen by putting the details onto one of our Refugee Week 2015 slides:

unnamed.jpg (General Content Full width 523px)

Download the blank slides here (jpegs or photoshop files available) and open in photoshop, a desktop tool like MS Paint or a free site like to edit.

You can also spread the word about Refugee Week by sharing one of the ready-made graphics in the ready to share folder, like the one below:


4. Tweet!

Here are a few suggested tweets, all with space for a link to Refugee Week, or your event, and space for a graphic too:

We are proud to support #RefugeeWeek 2015! Join us & show #RefugeesContribute – June 15-21st <link and graphic>

#RefugeesContribute! Share your refugee story this #RefugeeWeek <link and graphic>

Care about refugee rights? Attend a #RefugeeWeek event from June 15-21st 2015 <link and graphic>

Help us celebrate refugees this #RefugeeWeek! <link and graphic>

Join our <insert event> for #RefugeeWeek 2015! <link and graphic about yourevent / picture from last year>