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Volunteer support is needed for most events around the country. Please give your time and skills to make Refugee Week a success.

Your skills, expertise and creativity can play a crucial role in ensuring that Refugee Week is a diverse, colourful and exciting festival of events and activities.

Volunteering opportunities can include organising an event, helping to fundraise for events and providing logistical support during events.

Where to find out about volunteering opportunities

If you wish to enquire about volunteering possibilities in your area, please go to your regional page via the In Your Area section of the website to get in touch with the contacts in your area. These contacts will either be able to tell you about different volunteering opportunities in your area and how your skills and expertise might be used within different contexts or to direct you to organisations or events that might need volunteer support. Alternatively, you can contact our central team on and we will try to provide you with guidance.