Film star Shiraz Haq celebrates the UK’s welcoming spirit and thinks about the importance of appreciation and tolerance in our vastly connected world today.

For centuries the history and heritage of the UK has been steeped in a rich tapestry of people from all over. As much as we Britons have reached out across the globe over time, we now try to continually foster welcoming and ethnically rich communities on our own turf. To have a film release during Refugee Week that casts a watchful eye over the journey in search of a better life, serves as a poignant ode to the joys, trials and tribulations of relocation.

I Am Nasrine is a story of the modern day refugee experience, and underlines the importance of appreciation and tolerance in our vastly connected world today. It captures the beauty and grace of the northeast, celebrating the UK’s welcoming spirit. It recognises that many people move home due to circumstances outside of their control, and are often clueless as to where they will end up.

I can safely say that my life would be very different (and not for the better) had I not crossed paths with the diversity of people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, during my very British existence. As we travel increasingly frequently, the greater the assortment of cultures we experience percolating refreshingly into our lives. It’s vital to continue supporting a society that encourages variety and a desire to be worldly in our pursuits.

Our shared history and heritage rests at the heart of I Am Nasrine. It’s a story that celebrates the search for a place called home through the coming together of people, often in the unlikeliest of ways.It leaves me with the question that if we can’t embrace one another in all the glory of our rapidly shrinking world, what hope would we be left with?

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