One of the positive things about this tough time has been greater communication and connection between the huge range of people involved in Refugee Week, across the UK and beyond.

More than ever, we are struck by the breadth of experience and expertise our movement represents, and how much we have to gain by coming together to share our learning.

To this end, we are starting a free, friendly, online ‘Monthly Meet’ for anyone interested in arts, culture and social change. Hosted by Refugee Week and Platforma, the sessions are open to all and will explore a different question on the first Thursday of every month, starting 5 November 2020.

See our events page for details and to sign up.

Platforma is a national network that supports and develops arts by, about and with refugees and migrants, and Refugee Week is a festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees (Refugee Week 2021 is 14-20 June). Platforma and Refugee Week are run/ coordinated by Counterpoints Arts.