(c) Nana Varveropoulou

We’re pleased to share an updated version of the Refugee Week Theory of Change, which sets out the difference we want Refugee Week to make, and how we believe Refugee Week can make this difference.

For the first time, it also identifies a set of shared values and principles for the Refugee Week network.

We decided after Refugee Week 2020 that it was time to update the Refugee Week Theory of Change, because of how Refugee Week, social justice movements and the wider political and social context have developed and changed since the previous Theory of Change was written in 2012.

During the autumn and winter of 2020, we conducted desk research and consulted Refugee Week national partners, the new Refugee Week Advisory Group and a group of Refugee Week event organisers and producers about what Refugee Week means to them, and the values they want it to reflect.

Refugee Week is celebrated in many different ways in a wide range of settings, and this was a great opportunity to think deeply, together, about our collective vision and values.

You can read the updated Refugee Week Theory of Change here.

Image (c) Nana Varveropoulou