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Putting Refugee Week on the map
May 8th, 2015
Putting Refugee Week on the map
A new online tool shows how Refugee Week is celebrated across the country

Hundreds of organisations, community groups and venues holding Refugee Week events have been plotted on a map of the UK for the first time. From the Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow all the way down to St Steven’s Church in Devon, the map highlights the range and geographical reach of those who celebrated Refugee Week […]

Refugee Week 2014 Evaluation Summary
December 24th, 2014

“It is important to keep up the awareness about positive contributions made by asylum seekers and refugees and also about the situations they have come from and the reality of how they live here in UK. We are an area of high deprivation in Wakefield with active right wing groups and we constantly work to […]

2015’s First-Time Voters are ‘Generation Welcome’ New Poll Reveals
June 14th, 2014

The new generation of first-time voters casting their first ballots in 2015 are “Generation Welcome”, with eight out of ten (79%) proud of Britain’s tradition of protecting refugees and three quarters (76%) wanting Britain to keep up its role of offering a safe place for people – especially children – fleeing violence, war and persecution, […]

Political Party Leaders show their support for Refugee Week
June 14th, 2014

The political party leaders have shown their support for Refugee Week this year and encourage a greater culture of welcome for refugees in the UK. David Cameron, Prime Minister & Leader of the Conservative Party said: “The UK has a long tradition of providing sanctuary for those fleeing persecution. I am proud that the UK […]

Simple Acts of Welcome
June 2nd, 2014

Refugee Week 2014 is dedicated to refugee children and young people:our shared future. We want to highlight the positive contributions that refugee childrenmake to the UK and will go onto make as our future generations. This year Refugee Week runs between 16th-22nd June. You can show your support by completing your “Simple Act of Welcome” […]

Young Ambassadors
May 20th, 2014
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Our young ambassadors promoting a culture of welcome for refugees in the UK “Refugees are welcome here- help refugees to build a new home” say our RefugeeWeek young ambassadors. We’ve had a great day with some of our young ambassadors who want to help promote a better culture of welcome for refugee children and young […]

Refugee Week in Scotland
April 28th, 2014

From Refugee Week Scotland: This summer Scotland will host the Commonwealth Games, and with visitors from all over the world coming to our country, what better time for Refugee Week Scotland to take on the theme of ‘welcome’. But it’s not just visitors want to welcome. At a time with increasingly negative attitudes towards migrants […]

Refugee Week 2014 Young Ambassadors
January 14th, 2014
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The Refugee Week team are looking for enthusiastic young refugees living across the UK to become Young Ambassadors for Refugee Week 2014. This year, Refugee Week will focus on children and young refugees, to celebrate the important part they play in our shared futures, the wonderful contributions they are making to our society, and to […]

Refugee Week 2014 – Our Shared Future
January 14th, 2014

This year we would like to put a spotlight on the refugee children and young people who exhibit such adaptability, resilience and determination in rebuilding their lives in the UK, and who play (and will go on to play) an important role in shaping our future society. This is our shared future. We all have […]

Refugee Week Annual Conference 13th February 2014
December 16th, 2013
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Reserve your place at the Refugee Week annual conference on 13th February to celebrate another year of outstanding contributions. The Conference will be held at Amnesty International UK (London), one of Refugee Week’s valued partners. The day include guest speakers, performances and workshop sessions on subjects like: organising Refugee Week activity, engaging with new audiences, […]